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Plate-Pro shirt stays helped maintain a professional image well into the late innings. Less restrictive than other stays on the market. Well made and great customer service from Paul. Would recommend to anyone looking for a crisp look during those long plate jobs.

Matt W (MiLB-Short A)

Just got to use the product for the first time. Absolutely perfect. In fact I forgot that I even had them on. This is a must have item.

Justin S.

I’m definitely a fan. I realize a lot of my focus was going towards checking my shirt every few pitches. Now I can ‘set it and forget it.'

Kaleb D.

Love the product works extremely well great feel like it’s not even there!

Wesley B (Independent Professional Leagues)

The product tremendously did its job and it’s the best idea I’ve seen on the market to keep your shirt perfectly tucked in for a full 9!

Trevor D (MiLB-A Umpire)

It was 90 degrees out, and I sweat straight through my pants. I never once had to adjust my shirt. The new adapters (meant for the clips on my F3 shin guards) worked great. I will wear these every game for the rest of my career. Thank you!

E.Tyler B (Independent Professional Baseball)

Working Yokota Samurai baseball behind the plate.  First chance to use my new Plate-Pro shirt stays.  Two hours later. snug as a bug in a rug.

Kelly C (US Forces Japan)

We met in Pittsburgh this year (2019). I overheard your conversation with another umpire and decided to give your product a try. I'm 6'4, 250 so I had a difficult time getting a shirt to fit right and still be big enough to stay tucked in. Your product is awesome! Doing a great job and I wanted to thank you for your service to our Country and for getting this excellent product to market!

Patrick C. (NCAA Umpire)

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